We are Vene…

Through the passage of time, artisans and architects were constantly inspired by their surroundings, capturing the beauty of what nature has to offer to pave the way for impeccable creations.

That is what inspired the creation of “Vene”: a true embodiment of innovation and versatility, a testament to the beauty that nature holds and to the quality it upholds when engulfed in your space.

Vene “veins” in Italian; it refers to marble’s colored veins formed inside the earth over millions of years. The Vene Line of Products uses natural materials, such as stone and wood, to create its pieces. Vene presents the elegance that only good design can offer from large porcelain slabs that mimic exotic marbles to accessories made of semiprecious stones.

Moreover, Vene’s products and solutions are developed through extensive research focusing on sustainability and environmental responsibility. With Vene, exclusive craftsmanship and dedication to quality join natural materials and innovative fabrication.

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